A sensitive plant

goodmorning to you all,

Did the title get you curious LOL. As i speak it is bucketing down rain here in Holland and its supposed to be summer :(, although they say it’ll get better next week. I was thinking about all the little planties sucking up water before we get a heat wave tihi. I found this quote a while ago and thought it quite sweet. When making the word art i must admit i thought of this huge tree in Kims garden, with all the fruit on it.

Well here it is 🙂 Let me know what you think !

Here is the download link 🙂

Huggles Jacquie



2 responses to “A sensitive plant

  1. What a beautiful quote!!!! I love the clusters at the bottom too! Thanks for sharing, my sweets! ❤ Hey… whose garden??? Mine? hahaha… Cuz I AM the best Kim you know, I am sure! *giggle* xoxoxo
    PS Ben, my furbaby sends you kisses too… he is howling at me right now! 🙂

  2. I love the quote too!

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