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Well i haven’t been back in a while πŸ™‚

I know designing hasn’t been high on my priority list, i have been working on ME. I decided on January 2nd (as you can see by the previous freebie) that it was time. So i started and healthy eating weight loss journey. So in the past 12 weeks (this is my 13th) i have lost almost 45 pounds (18,6 kilo’s). If you want to follow my weight loss journey or check out the recipes i have been making jump on over to my other blog. The Diet Trail.

For now on to business:) You came here looking for something else haha and i completely understand !

This blog train has awesome bright colours πŸ™‚ Love it. The train should be up April 1st. Seeing as i am away for the weekend i posted it early. Be patient for the other ladies to put their’s up and don’t forget to leave them all some lovin’

The download link can be found here -> DOWNLOAD HERE.

Here is your list of designer blogs to grab from:
HunnyBee Design
Amanda & Millie Designs
BeeHaven Designz
Phlox Dragon Designs
jusme digital
@Jacquies ———————————————————— YOU ARE HERE πŸ™‚
Rose Thorn
NutkinTailz Designs
Digi Deborah Designs
Get 2 Scrappin’
FranB Designs
Karen Diamond Designs
Designs By Krista
Digilicious Designs
Damsel Designs

So i hope you have lots of fun with this. I love the bright colours, huh did i tell you that already ? ROFL. All together this is an awesome, i know for sure i will use often πŸ™‚

Have a great new week everyone !
Huggles Jacquie

New Year Resolution

Hi there,

I would like to wish everyone who is taking the time to read this a happy, healthy and wealthy 2012 πŸ™‚

Do you have a New Year resolution ? I do ….it’s the same every year…towards the end of one you eat more…all this holiday food is bad for me 😦 So i joined Weight Watchers again, online this time, paid up front and my first weigh in is Wednesday evening. I made a word art for the January word art challenge at Scrappin’ around the world -> click hereΒ and used it in my layout.

Here is the word art. You can grab and run if you like tihi but you can also make a layout and post at the forum, we would like that πŸ™‚

Download here

Jump over to our forum if you are in for some fun ! We would love to have you. We will have a hybrid and template challenge up soon for you to join in too πŸ™‚

Oh and how do you like my blog skin ? The bits and bobs are part of a new kit i am working on called Spring fling. The little dollies are Kim and I ROFL. Let me know what you thing…..and if you want it when its released you will definately have to sign up πŸ™‚

Huge huggle for now πŸ™‚


A New Dawn……A New Day

Hi there,

It has been ages since i blogged and i will tell you why.

After My Life And Scrap closed i thought to have found my new home at MissesBeehaven. Melanie closed too…..I have floated from store to store trying to find a place with a nice team a well used forum and some awesome inspiration.Β I couldn’t find it anywhere.

After MissesBeehaven closed I kept in touch with Kim through Facebook (what wonderful media we have). We both had a hard time scrapping and kind of lost our mojo. Mine came back in hand making my Christmas cards. Yes real scrapping. I proposed to Kim hahahahahaha and now we have a new home. No we didn’t get married ROFL (we alrady both are :)) but we do have a new baby. It was born on November 28th ROFL and it’s name is SCRAPPIN’ AROUND THE WORLD.

You can find us HEREΒ and would love, love, love you to join us. We have some goodies up, there is a template challenge, a word art challenge and the best thing about our forum is that we’d love hybrid or paper scrappers to join so we have a hybrid challenge up for you too. Next week we will add a paper challenge πŸ™‚

We don’t have a store up yet but that won’t be long now πŸ™‚

Here are some layouts from the template challenge which Kim made. I made it into a paper challenge to and made a birthday card with it.

By ME πŸ™‚

By KIM:)


By ME:) Paper scrap

So we threw down THE GAUNTLET, pick it up and join us.

Huggles for now !

Oh look at my blog

I am so ashamed, look at the state of it…..tomorrow….i promiss a new look and some goodies….all cause i have been a bad blogger…..

Blog Train

Hi hunnies πŸ™‚

So i have some great stuff to share with you today πŸ™‚
I haven’t blogged in a while though i can maybe explain… little card printer i cannot use at the moment. Its a little selphy by Canon and the cards to refill are not available….right before the Christmas time…I told my dear hubby not to worry, i had some scrap stuff i could make some by hand LOL
Jeez, mij house is covered in glitters and i almost stuck my fingers together trying to glue a button to a card LOL

I can share some with you here πŸ™‚ Let me know what you think !!

I also have a blog train for you to jump from πŸ™‚
Here is my part…

My favourite here is the cocktail word art, i think i did pretty cool πŸ™‚
You can download here.

Your next part is to be found in Russia πŸ™‚ Alla Designs.
The blog train is connected to the Digi Scrap Forum, if you get lost click here πŸ™‚

Dont forget to leave everyone some love so they will do it again next time πŸ™‚

Huggles for now !

I Love you

Goodmorning all πŸ™‚

I have loads to share with you today !

First of all you know i have a store opening on October 15th….well here is the ad i made, and check the freebie in the store πŸ™‚ You will have to be a little patient but don’t worry it’ll be worth it.

While i am making word art packs and kits for my store i joined in a font challenge over on the farm LOL Here is my layout.

This is my be-u-ti-ful mummie πŸ™‚ This photo was taken in Clearwater on a beautiful day ! Isn’t she the sweetest LOL You see the swirl word art Β i used…..its yours for the grabbing. You can download here. The challenge is fun , you can join in that HERE

The kit used was Blue Dream byMaguette Scrap and the font is by Sugar Frog Fonts called sf charissa which you can find for free here.

Thats all for now hunnies, got to go wake up my baby for school !

Huggles Jacquie

Summer Beauty

Hi there,

The weather here is Holland has had a complete turnaround. We had the most terrible weather during our summer holiday its almost a heat wave outside and its the first of October for goodness sake.

Yvano has his first day of group therapy and he is with a leader and two other kids at a petting farm helping out in feeding the animals. He is afraid of every animal so that should be fun. The leader promissed to call me if there was a problem. Now i have some time to myself i thought i share me with you LOL.

I made you a quick freebie πŸ™‚ Hope you likeee. Here it is.
You can download here πŸ™‚

I have a new store too. I am very happy to be sharing my word arts and kits with Moo Two designs. You can check them out here: ΒΒ My release is planned for the 15th of October. If you want another chance at grabbing the halloween kit from the earlier post…keep an eye out for more information around the opening.

So i hope you all have a great day !

Huggles Jacquie

Autumn is coming

Hi there,

Yup, Autumn is coming. Its getting colder, the leaves are starting to fall from the trees and the toy books are in (in Holland, the biggest toy stores send books to everyone :)), they even have kruidnoten, chocolate letters and other St. Nick stuff in the supermarkets. I was in Action on Friday and they have Christmas decorations all ready to go….pffff From November 11th its always chaos in our house right up until January 2nd!

I started my new job on Monday and it is quite cool. We buy and sell fresh fish, some are sold without us cutting them, most are filleted, deskinned or descaled. The people that work there have worked in fish most of their lives and never, ever has anyone told them how to work hygenically, not that they don’t work hygenically but they just do what they have to do without thinking about what happens if…….So that is my job. I have to guide them to working acoording to hygiene rules and regulations and eventually get cerification for this. There is a lot of work to do…yes inside the factory, with my co-workers and on the administration side too….but hey, in that lies the challenge LOL.

So it’s September 25th already. October is Halloween month although its not really celebrated here in Holland. I made some elements for the MissesBeeHaven Collab last year, seeing as MissesBeeHaven no longer exists i decided to expand the mini to a full fledged kit and guess what, as i dont have a store at the moment, it’s all yours if you want to download.

Here are the images:

All the elements are drawn by me (except the ribbons and buttons lol).Β It contains 24 papers, 23 elements, 7 word arts and 1 alpha. You do need to let me know what you think so i know i can make some more…..ROFL

I disconnected the link. If you want another shot at grabbing this kit, keep an eye on my blog as it will be re-freed around the opening of my store πŸ™‚

That’s all for now !
Huggles, Jacquie

Back to school

Hi there,

First of all i would like to say that my thoughts are with everyone in the US especially on the east coast. I wish you all well and safe !!

So it’s Sunday and Yvano has only one week of summer holiday left before he goes back to school. I am presuming the rest of Europe isn’t far behind LOL. We are having a pyjama day…just a relaxing day, in our jammies, no plans, just chilling. I made these wa’s this morning and seeing as i dont have a store to add this too i might as well give it away.

Here is my back to school word art pack. I made a new preview page too. I just love this colour green. Its fresh and clean and jumps out at you LOL. Let me know what you think please πŸ™‚

The download link is HERE

I hope you all have a great day, take care !

Huggles Jacquie

Wow that was some holiday :)

Hiya peeps πŸ™‚ LOL,

So i am back from holiday. We were out camping for four weeks. Well it’s not really camping, we have a caravan on a camp site, two hours from here, the weather was rubbish but Yvano had fun, so did we, we barbecued in the rain, went fishing in the rain, drank coffee with our neighbours in the rain and had a beer or two in the rain. LOL Nobody got a cold LOL

So now it’s back to the grindstone and i can now tell you more about the issues that were bothering me before the holiday ! First, i have a new job πŸ™‚ I dont know if you know what i do LOL I am a Quality Control Manager. I have to ensure the quality of our products is at its best and always the same. Now i do this in a Dim Sum factory. I got offered a job, doing the same thing, a lot closer to home for more money πŸ™‚ Because its closer to home my hours are a little more flexible so i can stay home 1 afternoon extra with Yvano :):)
The second thing on my mind is that MissesBeeHaven is closing the store 😦 That makes me very sad. It seems that it’s really hard to keep a store open for two years in this scrapping world. Even if you have awesome designers in it. I saw the same at My Life And Scrap….(changed hands and was destroyed by the new owner :()

So with all that out in the open LOL I am looking for a new store. One i can feel at home in, preferably with a forum i can join in, i love active forums πŸ™‚ Know about one, let me know πŸ™‚

So i have here a quote for you πŸ™‚ This is too cool, Yvano said this to me when i was reading him a story on holiday. ‘To make gold, all you need is bronze, yellow paint and some glitter’ This really kept me laughing for ages. Not quite sure what you could use it for but i just couldn’t not do something with it πŸ™‚

Here it is…

Here is the download link.

Huggles for now !